Friday, December 10, 2010

Pork, Beans and Rice Burrito

Who does not love a burrito?! Whether stuffed with chicken, beef, pork or just beans, it is certainly one of the favorites on the menu in Mexican restaurants and taco stands. But if you don't have a great Mexican restaurant in your area, or you just want to be able to recreate one of your favorite south of the border treats at home, give a burrito a try. Consider using leftover pork from a roast, store bought rotisserie chicken, sliced steak from yesterday's cookout or even some seasoned and browned ground beef or pork. If you have vegetarian friends, or you happen to be a non meat eater yourself, leave the meat out all together and stuff your burrito full of black beans, refried beans, rice and lots of vegetables.

Do like I did and fill your burrito with ground pork, black beans, white rice, shredded cheese, onion, jalapeno slices, black olives, sour cream, hot sauce and salsa. Don't limit yourself to these ideas, but feel free to experiment and use any ingredient from your refrigerator or pantry that sounds tasty. Think outside the box and enjoy!


  1. I love this burrito, it has a perfect mix of items!

  2. Burritos have always been the go-to food in my house. I think it was probably the first food I learned how to make for myself as a kid. I love everything you put in yours. Delicious!